Keep your vehicle's tires safe

  • 2018.11.15
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    In order to avoid the tire aging caused by the tire accident, to understand the tire life, in order to achieve more safety. We should learn from the professional, if you use is not frequent, and the car is in a harsh environment, the garage can ensure the temperature relatively differently, the general tire normal use of 3 years is not a problem, of course, the premise is frequently check as small as possible.

    Parking in the crowded city sometimes need to curb in the suburbs, poor road conditions, rolling pebbles will make excessive wear of tire is local, it is inevitable. So, before driving at ordinary times, get into the habit of traveling around the car for a week to see if there is any trauma. If you find a drum or obvious trauma, it should be handled or replaced in a timely manner.

     Incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of tire burst. The maximum of tire will indicate the tire on the side are able to withstand the pressure value, if the inflation pressure is relatively large near the maximum acceptable tire pressure value, then by hot weather and high speed, tire pressure will increase even more than the maximum value of tire pressure, tire is inevitable. It is recommended that an external tire pressure monitoring device is installed on vehicles with no tire pressure monitoring configuration, which is very beneficial for tyre safety prevention and the maintenance of tire service life.

     If the tire pressure is too low, the tire sidewall ply will withstand inflation pressure greater than the standard, if the long-term loss of gas driving, and rubber ply will serious deformation, increase the wear and aging, or traveling outside the larger impact in poor conditions in this case, it will tire irregular deformation, internal cord cord will lead to a sharp increase in the temperature deformation, caused by material fatigue fracture is the consequence of tire cord.Tire outside this thing every day in the trenches are exposed to the weather, this can be said to be the most dedicated parts of a car. In addition, the tires are the only place in the car that touches the ground. If the tires burst, they lose grip, then other advanced systems are useless. So we should give more care to the tires at ordinary times. Finally, remind you of what you should do at ordinary times:

1.Before you get on the car, turn around and see if the tires are damaged
2.As far as possible equipment tire pressure monitoring, put an end to hidden dangers
3.Observe tire pressure and status of spare tire regularly
4.Learn about the skills of changing tires