Different Silk Road - Journey escorted by Antares tire

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The silk road was a historic trade route across the Eurasian continent and promoted friendly exchanges between European, Asian and African countries and China. China is the hometown of silk which was the most representative of goods exported by China in the trade through this route...


Antares tire competed at 2017 China Taklimakan International Rally

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Founded in 2005, China Taklimakan International Rally is the national level-A sport event held every year. Since 2011, China Around Taklimakan Rally has been officially upgraded to an international competition...


Antares tire together with Horizon Tire, successfully entered Wal-Mart

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As early as 2014, Antares tire became the only Chinese certified tire supply brand of Wal-mart, which is largest retail company in the world. With our own strong competitiveness...