How to change tires

  • 2018.11.15
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     Many friends in the maintenance or replacement of the tire, there will be a problem that they always feel the urgency of the time, after the tire repair or replacement, straight away. In fact, in such a hurry to leave is not what good for replacement tires, the opposite is also affecting the traffic safety day after.

1. What is dynamic balance?
     The wheel of a car is a whole made up of tires and wheels. Due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of each part of the wheel can not be very uniform. When the wheel rotates at high speed, a dynamic imbalance occurs, causing the wheels to vibrate and the steering wheel vibrating in the course of moving. In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to make the wheel dynamically balance the edge parts by adding weights in the dynamic situation. This correction process is often referred to as dynamic balancing.
     Every time the tire is removed, its dynamic balance will change, so when the tire is removed, it is necessary to enter the action balance test, and this must not be careless.

     For a long time, the contact between the tire and the wheel will not close, it will influence the brake hub or deformation, can lead to severe wear of tire wheel, tire life is reduced, more serious will tire. So don't be careless. Every time you have to do it, you have to do it once.

2. It's important to replace the new valve
     The cost is very low, but it is an important part of protecting tyres, vehicles and driving safety.
     The gas nozzles and their components are made of rubber and will therefore age over time, and we should replace them while buying and replacing tyres.
     In high speed, aging, fractured rubber air nozzles may bend due to centrifugal force, leading to leakage. The gas leak is very slow and difficult to detect, but it is very dangerous if the tire continues to run at low pressure.

Valve caps are equally important. Their main function is air separation and helps to block dust and debris. We should regularly check whether the gas nozzle and gas nozzle cap are in good condition, ensure the air tightness of the tire and correct tire pressure, and also prolong the service life of the tire.

3. It is recommended to do a four round positioning
    The front wheel alignment includes four angles: the caster angle, the kingpin inclination angle, the camber angle of the front wheel and the front wheel toe.
    The rear wheel alignment includes the wheel camber and one front rear wheel. In this way, the front wheel alignment and the rear wheel alignment are always called wheel positioning, that is to say, the four wheel alignment.

     What is the function of wheel alignment? It is to keep the car stable, straight and easy to steer, and to reduce the wear and tear of the car's running tires and steering gear.